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Interior Painting

We start all our interior painting jobs by moving furniture into the centre of the room and covering it with brand new plastic sheeting. We also remove any curtains and the like if necessary to ensure we protect all of your furnishings and decorations. We also cover up the floors with drop cloths to ensure that your carpet, laminate or hardwood remains unmarked and protected throughout the painting process.

Following on from this we will remove all nails that hung photos, spackle them up and even repair drywall if necessary. We will also remove all outlet plates and apply a stain blocking primer to the walls to cover up and neutralise any pesky water stains that could affect the final effect of your newly painted walls. We will also apply any caulking that we need to cracks or other spots that might affect the look of the walls after the paint goes on, and then finally we also sand the surface so the paint sticks perfectly for a seamless finish!

We always try to apply two coats to the walls with one on the ceiling as well. Once we're done, we restore your space to the way it was before we started and replace all outlet plates, curtains, remove cloths and even vacuum so you can get started enjoying your new room immediately.

Exterior Painting

This job begins with removing anything from the immediate area that needs removing - chairs, barbecue and the like. We cover up all the plants that line the property and then clean the exterior using high pressure power washer which will clean off things like mildew, dirt, loose paint and more. This will give us the perfect blank canvas onto which we can turn your home into the gorgeous palace you know it is.

After a day or two the house will be dry and we can get to work. Depending on weather it may take longer for the house to dry entirely, but rest assured, once it's ready to go, so are we. We need the house to be perfectly dry as any potential moisture locked into the wood can later escape and cause bubbling or peeling of the paint, so patience in the drying process is key. We will come back and scrape any peeling paint away, sand and then prime. We may need to add some caulking to cracks or problem areas that could result in a less than desirable finish where water can sneak in so that there are no nasty surprises later.

We will then apply at least two coats of paint depending on the need of the individual customer and job. The needs of the job will be discussed in length before any work formally begins so we know what is needed and can prepare the house and work accordingly. This also allows us to give you an estimate on the cost of the job.

Don't worry - we put everything back to how it was when we got there, just like with our interior painting jobs. We will also clean up any mess that we might make and do a final walk around to make sure we haven't missed anything.

Wallpaper Removal and Hanging

When we remove wallpaper from a room we will first cover up the floor to protect it from anything that could damage it. We will score the wallpaper and then apply wallpaper remover such as DIG or use a steaming machine. Following the removal of the paper, we will clean off the walls and remove any glue residue and patch up any problem areas or damaged spots before we hang the new wallpaper that you've chosen to make your room a dream come true. Finally, we will remove absolutely all the waste from your property that was generated from the project, so you can do nothing except simply enjoy your new, fabulous walls.


Plastering is a popular decorative option throughout the UK and for good reason. A skilled plasterer will be able to not only mix the plaster correctly to provide the best product and service possible, but they will know how to apply it with high quality skill that allows the addition of details of your choice. Plastering is a great way to decorate any room, cover up cables and cords, cracks and damaged walls, or just add a touch of real class to hallways, entrances, front rooms and more. Contact The Decorator Guys today to book a free estimate to discuss your plastering needs.


Our new rendering service is set to be one of our most popular with those who own their own homes and are looking for a chic new way to do up the outsides of their houses. Rendering is a type of plastering system that uses concrete to create a durable and hardy covering for the outside of houses, low walls and other boundaries. Rendering gives a finished look similar to that of the plastered walls in the likes of Santorini in Greece, with smooth finishes, perfect for those thatched cottages in the Dorset and Hampshire countryside or to add to your home to give it a whole new appearance. Interested? Give us a call to talk about your property wishes and see how The Decorator Guys can help transform the outside of your property walls.

Useful Info

Consider repainting your home to increase resale value. First impressions mean a lot - especially to new, potential buyers!

Don't be remembered as that house on the block with the psychedelic rooms or the place that really needed even just a lick of fresh, white paint. If selling your house, consider painting your rooms beautiful, neutral colours, making it far more inviting to potential buyers. It also will make the rooms appear larger than bright, boxy colours!

Some tips for the perfect property showings:

Hire a

damaged areas

neutral colours

Declutter areas
while showings

If you're looking to sell your home, painting is probably the cheapest investment you can make to spruce up the space and make it look like something out of a dream home. You'd be surprised how big an impression a freshly painted room can make. It can add thousands of pounds to the resale value of your home and also help you secure a quicker sale. The last thing a new homeowner wants is to have to repaint the place, so if you do it in advance you can get a bit more money out of the sale as well as provide the new buyer peace of mind so they can move in and get right to enjoying their new home.

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